Ritchie Medium Spraymalt 1Kg
Ritchie Medium Spraymalt 1Kg
Spray malt medium. Rich malt flavour, ideal for bitters. Boosts the beer’s natural body. Results in a more rounded, mellow note to the final brew. Designed to retain all the malt flavour, without imparting any burnt or off flavours. Larger 1Kg size for better value.
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Ritchies/Youngs/Muntons Beer Enhancer 1Kg
Ritchies/Youngs/Muntons Beer Enhancer 1Kg
Use as a direct replacement for sugar/brewing sugar to improve the quality of your beer. A 50/50 mix of spray malt and dextrose brewing sugar. Better than sugar, cheaper than 100% spray malt.
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Simply Beer –  Bitter 1.8Kg
Simply Beer – Bitter 1.8Kg
This kit makes 40 pints of Bitter. A Classic tawny British Best Bitter with a fantastic biscuit malt body that leads to a robust and cleansing bitter finish. You simply add the contents of the pouch to your fermentation vessel, add either 1kg of brewing sugar or for improved results 1kg of spray malt/beer enhancer, top up to 23 litres with water and sprinkle on the yeast – Simple!
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Sale! Woodforde’s Admiral’s Reserve
Woodforde’s Admiral’s Reserve
Award winning, tawny colored ale with a distinctive nose of dried fruits, sherry and almonds. The palate is full with sweet malt and rich fruit slowly dominated by an increasing bitterness, leaving a satisfying dry finish. Makes 32 pints ABV: 5.5% See: Dark Chestnut Smell: Sweet/Fruity Taste: Sweet/Fruity Sweetness: 3 / 5 Bitterness: 4 / 5
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Sale! Woodforde’s Bure Gold – 3Kg
Woodforde’s Bure Gold – 3Kg
Woodforde's have meticulously selected the pale and lightly-roasted malts to form a classic aromatic, golden ale with notes of passionfruit and orange. Sailing to the far reaches, hops from America and Slovenia, combined with the best of British. Bring home the gold. ABV: 4.3% See: Straw Smell:Citrusy, floral Taste:Light malt, citrus Sweetness: 2 / 5 Bitterness: 4 / 5
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Sale! Woodforde’s Nelson’s Revenge
Woodforde’s Nelson’s Revenge
Revenge is best served bittersweet. Our wholehearted harmony of hops, fruits and barley pays homage to brave Admiral Nelson and his crew. Nelson’s is a Norfolk beer, and glory in the taste and aromas of citrus and Norfolk malts we’ve crammed in. Makes 36 pints ABV: 4.5% See: Amber Smell: Rich floral/fruit Taste: Citrus, dried fruit Sweetness: 3 / 5 Bitterness: 4 / 5
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Sale! Woodforde’s Nog – 3Kg
Woodforde’s Nog – 3Kg
A Supreme Champion Beer of Britain! Our deep, ruby-red ale graces the senses with comforting splashes of warm hints. Inside, you’ll find a rich, chocolatey taste, tucked away with liquorice and treacle. All enveloped in a velvety blanket, for a smooth, unmistakable texture and finish. All malt kit, no fermenting sugar required. ABV: 4.6% See: Very Deep Red to black Smell: Citrus Taste: Chocolate, treacle and liquorice Sweetness: 4 / 5 Bitterness: 2 / 5
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Sale! Woodforde’s Wherry 3Kg
Woodforde’s Wherry 3Kg
A Supreme Champion Beer of Britain! Mighty fresh and zesty, our award-winning, rich amber ale enjoys floods of flavours, as sweet malts clash with grapefruit hops and big floral aromas in a sensory strike. Set sail on an epic taste adventure. All malt kit, no fermenting sugar required. ABV: 3.8% See:Light amber Smell: Fresh floral Taste: Citrus/grapefruit Sweetness: 2.5 / 5 Bitterness: 3 / 5
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